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Małgorzata (Margaret), 23, Poland. Cat lover, owner of one black furball. This is not a spoilerfree blog, however I always tag 'spoilers' when I post something that requires it. multifandom blog, right now I post mostly Doctor Who (classic and new), Game of Thrones, Bones, Castle, New Girl, Supernatural, The Beatles sometimes appear too, so do the X-files and LOST.
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  1. ahahagerman:

made a small mistake on his German exam.


    made a small mistake on his German exam.

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  3. beyoncebeytwice:

    i love how no matter how badly you fuck up benadryl cumquat’s name everyone on here still knows who ur talking about

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  5. mishas-assbutts:

    "This is my ALS ice bucket challenge. Please be forewarned: this video contains nudity & an inflatable horse." [x]

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  10. 1864impala:


#this is the most disturbingly normal photo of famous people i have ever seen #they look like a bunch of cousins at a book shop #stop ruining the illusion of show business guys #you’re supposed to look famous all of the time

#it’s like the weekly stark day out or something #catelyn has insisted they take this picture because she’s started scrap booking #except theon is in his teen rebellion stage and refuses to look at the camera #robb is being the good eldest son #sansa just likes cameras and arya still has a few years of cute left#then there’s jon snow #just glad to be here
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  12. raggedy-matt:

    Is it just me or does Matt say “it’s changed my fucking life”? 

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    Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance | Paul McCartney

    I can’t stop laughing 

    This is so awkward

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  18. humoristics:

    How to open a beer with a banana

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